Riding Lesson program:


We offer English Dressage and Jumping lessons, from beginner to intermediate riders, ages 4 and over, under the guidance of  our certified instructor Samantha Wiley or for the more advanced riders under Katharina Huenermann, who earned her bronze and silver medalist in Germany.

Samantha brings over 25 years of experience in coaching, training and competing with her. She has the ability to help her students go into the competitive world and/or resolve training issues with their own horses.

Katharina has been riding, training and competing successfully on regional and national level in Germany and the US for almost 25 years. Her passion lays in show jumping, but she is very versatile and has shown successfully also in Dressage and Eventing. Katharina is blessed with a great feeling and the ability to adapt to every kind of horse to let them shine. She currently competes her own and horses in training in young horse classes. She was lately awarded a 3 time Champion on the regional level and will be heading to the National Championships for Arabian horses in the fall. If her schedule allows, she will be glad to share her knowledge in form of lessons and training rides.

Samantha Katharina
Private Lessons Ages 4-14 14 and up intermediate riders only
45 min with private horse $30 $40 $50
45 min with school horse $35 $45 $65
30 min with private horse $25 $35 $40
30 min with school horse $30 $40 $55
Semi-private lessons intermediate riders only (price/rider)
45 min with private horse $35
45 min with school horse $50
Training rides
30 min training ride $45

Lessons are held Monday – Saturday.

Call or email us to schedule your lesson.

404-547-1161 | info(@)thewelcomefarm.com

Horseback Riding for the Mind, Body & Soul. We provide a safe and nurturing environment for those interested in exploring the healing benefits of riding and building relationships with horses. For those who connect with horses there is something special about the way they make us feel. They can give us peace or a quietness in our soul. Riding them has proven to be amazing therapy for us physically, cognitively and in our inner being.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy to reschedule a missed lesson.
If you cancel with less than 24-hours notice, or inadvertently miss your lesson, the lesson is subject of full charge.
If you cancel with more than 24-hours notice, please arrange to reschedule your missed lesson within (1) one week.
Lessons that are cancelled from our side due to bad weather or sickness, are subject to be re-scheduled within (1) one week as well.