My retired gelding is living the life of Riley at The Welcome Farm thanks to delightful owner, Katharina Huernermann, and her staff! At 25 years old he’s never looked better and that’s a ringing endorsement of the fantastic care he gets in that most beautiful setting. Katharina is totally attentive to the needs of all the animals in her care and she regularly updates me on how my boy is doing with photos and texts. He spends his days grazing with friends on 11 lush acres and he gets fed twice a day and blanketed as necessary. Katharina arranges his worming, vet appointments and farrier care while I sit back knowing that this dear animal who deserves the very best in his twilight years is getting exactly that. I wouldn’t want anything less for him and I offer my heartfelt thanks to The Welcome Farm!
Carol – Atlanta, GA

What a great home for Lucky. The care is fabulous. Katharina looks after him like he was her own. Gives me such peace of mind.
Peggy – Carrollton, GA

So glad I found this farm when I moved here from Wisconsin. My horse gets rolling pastures, a roomy stall, and all the bells and whistles. His care is very personalized to his needs, from the high quality feed and hay to the blanketing and watchful eyes of the staff. The pastures are well groomed and the arena footing is constantly cared for. Improvements are always being made and Klaus and Katharina are always putting the horses and boarders first. The monthly clinics are a great opportunity to ride with some amazing trainers and to catch up with friends and meet new people.
Jen – Newnan, GA

We could not have asked for better care for our horses.  Katharina and Samantha truly love these animals and put their welfare first always. We are used to taking care of our own horses and were somewhat concerned about boarding them out.  There was no need.  They have a big field to graze during the day.  They are put up at night. The barn is so light and airy.  The stalls are huge and kept clean daily.  There is no odor at all.  If they needed blanketing, it is done.  If they needed bringing in from bad weather, it will be done.  They are well fed quality hay and grain and plenty of water. As a matter of fact, we had such a great experience last winter, we are back this winter and plan to spend our winters here where our critters are happy.  We looked long and hard for a place like this.  We are sooooo happy we finally found the Welcome Farm!
The Scheuerman’s – Chardon, OH

Too bad I can only give 5 stars because in reality 5 million stars wouldn’t come close to being enough. I love it here, my horse looks and feels amazing. He’s got a great pasture to graze on, a nice roomy stall and lots of love and attention. I have gotten nothing but support and friendship since we moved here. Thank you for everything.
Samantha – Villa Rica, GA

Freddie and I have been a part of the Welcome Farm family for nearly two years now, and we have both loved every minute of our time here. The care given to the horses is second to none and is customized to the needs of each horse, which is a godsend for a girl with a finicky Thoroughbred. Klaus and Katharina keep the farm and arena looking beautiful year-round and never hesitate to contact me about anything regarding Freddie’s care. I’m so thankful to have found such a warm and welcoming barn filled with equally wonderful horses and people.
Brittany – Carrollton, GA

Great place to be for all. Horses, riders and visitors all love the The Welcome Farm!
Kathy – Villa Rica, GA