A guesthouse that is more like your home

Review from one of our recent guests. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from near or far…

“Why would someone need to rent a guesthouse that is only 16 miles from their home?

Well, a unique situation required me to think outside the box. My daughter and her husband live in Australia and were coming back to the US for Christmas. They were bringing their 3-month-old daughter, who would be making her Georgia debut and lots of people wanted to meet her for the first time. I knew my neighbors would not be happy with all the traffic and I wanted to find a place where my granddaughter could stay and people could just come to her. I was almost in panic mode when I saw a story about this guesthouse. I left a message for the owner, Katharina, and she promptly called me back. Accommodating and outstanding are the best words I can use to describe the help I received from Katharina. From understanding about a flight delay that changed the day we would first need the guesthouse to providing a baby bed and bath tub (she’s a mother too and understands these things), to allowing our dog to stay with us instead of having to board him, Katharina was always trying to find ways to help make our stay even better. The house was clean and the layout is great too with plenty of space in every room. And I loved the kitchen because I like to cook for people myself instead of ordering from a restaurant. The entire property is just beautiful and so peaceful. And if you have any horse lovers in your family (I have one who is 13-years-old!) they can walk over a little bridge and spend some time with the horses that are boarded there. So whether you need to find a place where relatives can stay during a visit or special event, such as a wedding, or you just need somewhere to have a relaxing vacation with your family, I would highly recommend that you call Katharina now and let her help you plan the perfect stay at her guesthouse. My husband and I are already talking about renting this place again when our granddaughter (and her parents) come back to see us for Christmas this year!”

From Andrea, Carrollton, GA (December 2013)