Wrapped up in the modern world? There’s a cure for that.

Located in the amazing countryside of Georgia, The Welcome Farm is situated only about an hour West out of Atlanta, Georgia. The lush trees and babbling creek surround a horse lover’s paradise, that has been created by Katharina and Klaus Huenermann, who came to the United States with a dream in their heart that they have now realized and are willing to share with you. The 33 acres of this delightful utopian home means that not only horses board here, but also a vacation rental home (Atlanta location) awaits you, which is unlike any ever seen before.

The guest house that they have just recently renovated for every comfort possible awaits you for either a perfect get away or perhaps for a truly romantic hide away unlike usually encountered. The German backgrounds of your hosts mean that you will be treated with amazing European hospitality and all in the cleanest, friendliest manner possible.
This vacation rental home (Atlanta location) is also perfect if you bring along the children or even your pets. After all, both children and pets will likely love watching the horses, from newborn foals to retired show horses as they gambol and frolic in the very mute, utterly peaceful picture perfect setting that surrounds the main house, the pool, the beautiful creek and playground.

The amazing pastures with their bucolic views will not only be restful but can also teach your children or yourself all about the wonderful animals that horses can be. Over and over again people marvel that such a countrified setting can become your vacation rental home (Atlanta locality) so easily and for such low costs, considering all the upscale amenities you will be able to partake of.

Just watching horses graze while flicking their strong tails, to worry away the flies that bother them, is for many adults the closest they will ever come to such relaxing farm life. So many of us do not communicate with Mother Nature in this way as we are so wrapped up in our modern world of large cities, zipping taxis and incredible constant noise that we are unaware such peaceful times exist. Look over the incredible site that has been created just for you, and drink in the peacefulness being offered here and see if there is any way you can do without it? We bet the answer is in the negative and you’ll call the Huenermanns as soon as possible in order to book their amazing vacation rental home Atlanta environs and come to unwind and relax as much as possible.