Welcome to our new website!

And welcome everyone from around the world!

Our new website is finally launched and we are very excited to tell you
a few new things that have happened in the meantime.

First of all you will notice that the website has a complete different design to the one before.
It’s sleek, it’s modern and it’s easy to navigate around.

Since starting the farm in 2007, and it’s origin purpose to serve as a private farm for our own horses,
it turned slowly into an open facility for everyone to enjoy.

In spring of  2012 we have started accepting boarders and have since extended the barn by 4 stalls
for a total of 7 stalls. Currently we have 4 boarding horses and 3 own horses plus a miniature donkey.

In summer this year we have acquired not only some more land, but also a second house, our guesthouse.
It’s a beautiful home in a private, peaceful setting and the perfect vacation rental.

Right now we are extending one of the pastures into a 10 acre pasture.

For next year we are planning to offer more room for boarding horses, with another addition of a large pasture.
And not to forget, a Cross-Country course on an 11 acre field is in the making.

In order for our friends and fans to stay updated, we are sending out a regular newsletter from now on.

Go, and sign up today and check out all the new things that we have to offer!